Rapid Antigen Testing
Enabling business to operate safely

There is nothing more disruptive for a business than suddenly being listed as an exposure site. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide staff with a safe and healthy workplace. For many businesses, in a COVID-19 environment, opening up and operating safely will require Rapid Antigen Testing. Less expensive than PCR tests they can be administered at home or onsite and provide results within minutes rather than hours. By detecting those that are infected before they display symptoms it reduces the risk of further spread and the need for other staff to isolate.  It is most effective when done regularly and depending on the business daily.

Reducing Business Risk

Onsite Doctor has the capability and experience to assess the risks associated with your business and recommend an effective solution.

It is important for any implementation to be tailored to specific business environments and requirements. For example the frequency and testing protocols may be effected by issues such as the physical environment, including ventilation, the extent of face to face contacts and the presence of casual staff, contractors and customers.

Businesses Benefits

By working with Onsite Doctor businesses enjoy the benefits of:

  • fast test results in minutes- no waiting for hours
  • early detection before symptoms appear
  • management of risks in real-time
  • surveillance screening to ensure Covid safety
  • review of existing risk reduction strategies
  • protocols for dealing with positive cases
  • training for staff to administer tests
  • expert advice from Onsite Doctor to minimise risk

Foodbank Trial

Onsite Doctor in conjunction with Roche Diagnostics is helping to pioneer the use of at home testing under supervision with a trial at Foodbank in Victoria as well as advising a range of other employers in various industries on rapid antigen test (RAT) solutions. As a medically led company our major objective is to ensure the health and safety of your business and employees. We have relationships with a range of test providers that are all TGA approved.

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