The St Kilda Football Club has stepped up to meet the Covid-19 challenge today (Friday) with more than 20 players vaccinated in an initiative organised by OnSite Vaccinations director and longtime Saints tragic, Dr Nathan Pinskier. The opening of vaccinations for the 16-39 age group has seen the Saints take the lead and start the process of getting their players vaccinated. Dr Pinskier said Onsite Vaccinations was proud to be involved in assisting the St Kilda squad to help in the fight against Covid-19. The vaccinations took place at the Medi 7 Bentleigh clinic on Thursday 2nd September. Dr Pinskier said that as role models it was important that players be vaccinated at a time when it is young adults that are most at risk of catching and spreading Covid-19. “The supply of vaccine is now increasing, and we need our sporting leaders who are also role models to be out there setting the right example. “All the players are in the 16-39 year old age group and they are exactly who we need to be coming forward now that they are eligible,” he said. “At a time when the community is sacrificing so much to try and keep everyone safe and healthy it’s terrific that AFL players can lead the way by protecting themselves and the rest of the community,” Dr Pinskier said. The Melbourne GP who was also involved in arranging the vaccination of some Sydney Swans officials prior to last week’s final in Tasmania said it was essential the AFL and other sporting codes took a leadership role on vaccination. “As a doctor on the frontlines of this fight the disinformation and hesitancy has been discouraging. It is important that our sporting and cultural institutions are actively involved in reinforcing the message that the path out of lockdowns is through vaccination,” Dr Pinskier said. “Now that St Kilda has broken the ice, I hope other sporting teams follow suit and assist their players to be vaccinated as soon as possible.” Onsite Vaccinations is a division of Onsite Doctor a Melbourne based group that specialises in providing surge medical services, including qualified vaccinators to general practice, vaccination hubs, in community settings and to business.