COVID19 Support Services

Covid Corporate Services

Organisations are increasingly seeking assistance to manage the complexities of our new Covid world from health data compliance to rapid antigen testing and positive case response.

Onsite Doctor has worked with clients in a wide range of settings including warehousing (Preventing Foodbank Outbreak), construction, accommodation, schools, sports (St Kilda Football Club Vaccinations), community organisations, healthcare settings and corporates.

Onsite Doctor provides:

  • Access to a clinically trained team to work with organisations to refine Covid plans and protocols
  • Tailored testing solutions suited to specific workplaces and organisational environments
  • Compliant approaches to Covid safety for your business based on your specific needs and circumstances
  • Reviews of existing Covid Action Plans by medically qualified staff with experience of managing Covid exposures in the workplace
  • Access to a range of high quality rapid antigen test solutions
  • A tested and proven digital platform for recording and managing rapid antigen tests, PCR tests, vaccination status and other relevant workplace health data
  • Around the clock, access to a clinical team for immediate support and advice on response to possible exposures and positive results via a call centre
  • Telehealth appointments and virtual patient monitoring
  • On-site vaccinations, boosters and other health related services
  • Training of staff to test onsite or conduct self tests at home

Digital Health Data Platform

Onsite Doctor has developed a purpose built digital health tool for managing testing results, vaccinations and other relevant workplace health data.

It enables organisations to:

  • Easily establish regular testing protocols for staff
  • Provide testing and vaccination reminder prompts
  • Create a dashboard for review of testing and vaccination status
  • Store and provide access to tests results in real time for staff as well as supervisors
  • Record other relevant health information including Covid-19 vaccinations and other immunisations

The pandemic has extended the parameters of occupational health and it is important that organisations are not caught short by poor and inadequate record keeping, privacy breaches or lax data security.

The efficient storage and retention of relevant health data by organisations is shaping as a new frontier in employee relations in Australia.

Detect Before You Infect

Onsite Doctor helps organisations build testing regimes based on a risk analysis of their particular settings. In some cases that might mean regular on-site testing, testing at home before coming to work or only when there has been an exposure or positive case.

Onsite Doctor can provide access to a range of reliable TGA approved rapid antigen tests (RAT) that are highly effective in detecting infection.

Providing a safe work environment is part of every organisation’s OHS commitment and Onsite Doctor can help you meet your obligations.

Clinical Assistance, Telehealth & Monitoring

Onsite Doctor can provide:

  • Access to a clinically qualified support team via a national call centre
  • TeleheaIth appointments for staff isolating at home or while travelling
  • Around the clock monitoring using digital devices
  • On-site vaccinations and boosters, influenza shots and other workplace medical services

Managing Exposures

Exposures in the workplace can present extreme challenges.

It can often be several days before health authorities will declare the workplace an exposure site and determine which staff, customers and visitors are close or casual contacts.

Our clinical support line can help guide your organisation through the minefield of jurisdictional regulations and requirements to ensure you have met your obligations.

Onsite Doctor can assist with:

  • Analysis of the risk matrix for your setting
  • Initial tracking and tracing
  • Upgrades to protocols and social health measures following exposures
  • Communications with staff and other stakeholders

Getting ahead of the tracking and tracing process can often result in a more fine tuned response with only genuine close contacts required to isolate.

Increasingly organisations will have to make decisions affecting the health and well-being of their staff without reference to or help from health authorities and then potentially justify those actions in hindsight.

Onsite Doctor has the Covid expertise to provide you with the backing you need.

Vulnerable Peoples Homebound Vaccination Program

Onsite Vaccinations is an official provider for The Vulnerable Peoples Homebound Vaccination Program.
The VPHVP is an Australian Government initiative to provide vaccinations to the vulnerable populations.

The homebound may include but are not limited to the frail aged and elderly, and people living with a disability or a mental health condition which prevents them from leaving their home.

Once the referral has been received, a vaccination provider will contact the homebound person (or nominated contact person) to schedule a time for the in-reach home visit.

Patients with existing home vaccination appointments can call 03 9016 4980 for assistance.


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